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We're looking for new radio presenters!

Updated: Mar 22

Do you have a passion for music?

Think you'd make a good radio presenter?

Sound of London are looking to expand their roster of shows and are looking for potential presenters to host their own show and to grow the audience that would follow.

Presenters would maintain creative control of their show, including branding & naming, genre of music and tracks played, and management of any games / quizzes / phone-ins. There is also a Sound of London community Discord channel that allows you easy access to voice and text chat with your audience, making interaction with, and retention of your audience as simple and straightforward as possible. (https://discord.gg/AjU2J4ZJ7D)

We aim to stand out from existing, conventional radio stations by putting an emphasis on our community feel. We want our audience members to feel a personable connection to our presenters (think Youtube content creators and the relationship they have with their audiences). This will allow us to start hosting our own live gigs, and to drive attendance to them by having our presenters promote on their show, and to physically attend (you little celebrity, you!)

We would provide access to our broadcasting server and the software required to get you on-air, though presenters would need to use their own PC or Laptop, microphone and internet connection. - You can choose to broadcast live, or pre-record and schedule in at a later time and date.

Unfortunately, we can't afford to pay start-up shows or their presenters. Though we will review each show on a yearly basis, and can discuss the financial aspects with each presenter on that basis. What we will be able to offer you at that point will depend on both your shows average listener count, and the number of ac

To start, fresh-launch shows and their presenters will be unpaid, though each show will be reviewed yearly, and negotiations on financial reciprocation will take place every January, and will depend on both your shows average listener count, and the number of active subscribers the Sound of London Patreon page has. The number of both the subscriber count, and the revenue earned are publicly visible to you at all times at: (https://www.patreon.com/soundoflondon)

If any of this sounds like a bit of you, please don't hesitate to contact us at:


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