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New year, new us.

Updated: Feb 10

With the latest lockdown still gripping the nation with its' bony claw, we've had to dial-in our ambitions a little to better suit what we ARE allowed to do.

So, for the immediate future, and at least until live music makes a return to the pubs and bars, we're looking to focus all of our attention on our online radio station, and have re-designed our website to better suit that purpose, and to (hopefully!) explain what we're trying to do a little better.

The core idea remains unchanged: we're trying to build a community around the London live music scene. This does mean that for the vast majority (but not all!) of indie music we play, they're likely to be London based bands, musicians and singer-songwriters. - The idea being that if we play it, and you like it, you don't have to travel 300 miles to attend one of their gigs and support them.

We're looking to expand our shows in both quantity and variety, and are looking for London-based musicians looking to have their music played, plugged and promoted, as well as presenters-to-be with a great idea, who would like to create, manage and grow their own radio show with complete creative control.

If any of the above sounds like something you'd be interested in, or would like to send us some tracks to play, please don't hesitate to get in touch*. (radio@soundoflondon.com)

We're also always hanging out in our Discord server, which you can join here, where you can talk to our presenters and other community members. (Great for song requests and shout-outs during our live shows!)

We also recommend visiting our homepage, here, to get a better overview of everything.

*If you do send us any music tracks via email, please also provide any social media handles you have so we can provide those to our listeners when we play your music.

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